Sunday, September 6, 2009

Evan's big day!

Evan turned 1 on Saturday. He celebrated by sleeping until 8:40 am! So by the time we finally heard him playing in his crib everyone was up and ready to sing. We went into his room singing "Happy Birthday" and the child smiled and glowed like he knew EXACTLY who's special day it was.  So cute.

We asked a wonderful neighborhood family and some other kids over for cake and ice cream. Just to keep things simple I got the same Costco cake Brett selected for his party. We put Evan in his high chair, sang and let his brothers blow out the candle. We gave him a piece of cake and he just kind of poked and prodded it until Scott cut it up and gave him a fork. What I have noticed about Evan is that he does not make much noise while he eats and it is a bit painstaking but eventually he eats everything on his tray. So it was with the cake. With a great amount of perseverance he polished off the entire piece. Then he laid his head down on his tray as if he found the whole process simply exhausting!

Evan and mommy before the festivities begin!

Evan and his big brothers!

All clean and waiting for cake!

During the cake eating process!

Evan - the after picture - heading toward sugar coma!

Two weeks ago the boys started school.  Chad and David both marched fearlessly toward third and first grades respectively.  They have adjusted well to the transition from lazy summer days of hours spent playing legos to early mornings and the after school homework routine (no friends, no playing, no video games until homework is done).  Brett, on the other hand, has not adjusted very well.  I was "invited" to his kindergarten class after school one afternoon to consult with his teacher and vice principal on how we could help Brett follow directions in class.  This was the third day of school.  On the fifth day of school I got a call from the vice principal.  Brett "made a sad choice.  He punched two 'friends' in the stomach."  Jeez.  And I thought they were calling to tell me Brett was selected to be part of the Gifted and Talented program.  As a result of his indiscretion Brett lost his computer privileges for the week-end.  Last week was marginally better but Scott and I are really struggling with Brett right now.  He has never been the most cooperative child but lately he basically fights everything we ask and need him to do.  From getting up in the morning, getting dressed, and riding his bike to school to sitting at the table for dinner and going to bed ever thing is a struggle.  I am very depressed about this and think I will escape from Brett tomorrow for two free yoga classes (it is Free Yoga Day in Dallas!!).  Maybe downward dog will lead to inspiration!

Edgeworth brothers on the first day of school

Brett is definitely not a happy camper!


On The Go Family said...

I can't believe Evan is one! Seems like just yesterday I was getting the email that he was born. Adorable cake pictures!

As for Brett -- sorry to hear about your struggles with him. I can TOTALLY relate because I have similar feelings about one of my kids right now, too. Thank heavens for yoga!

Melvin and Carly said...

Happy Birthday Evan! Love the picture of the sugar coma.

Hope Brett finds his way in kindergarten soon. If yoga truly gives you any extra inspiration, let me know. I might have to sign up for a course!

Janice said...

No way, how is he 1 already?? He is such a cutie! Looks like he really enjoyed his cake!

Becky Edgeworth said...

thanks for the comments girls! unfortunately there isn't enough yoga in the world to cure brett but we do what we can right??

Rute Fernandes said...

My son Josué who is 5 is exactly the same thing and i have similir feelings.Everything is a struglle and i dont know why he is like that.
You have to get some time of your own!It very important

amyctodd said...

Beck! It's so good to hear from you! Your boys are sooo big! Miss ya :(